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Classic cartoons depict a whack on the head as a humorous and harmless gesture, causing nothing more than a few birds to fly around, followed by an immediate recovery. Unfortunately, this is not the way it works in real life. Concussions and head injuries are a serious matter that can have severe effects on the body and brain.

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A. Nonny Mouse Writes Again! By J. Preslutsky, 1993

What Brain Up! is All About

Brain Up! is a comprehensive brain education program brought to you by the Winter Park Health Foundation. It was developed in response to recent research that revealed fascinating new truths about our brains. We have long believed that the human brain is hard-wired and immutable. The latest findings prove otherwise. The scientific community can now agree that the human brain has plasticity, that brain function is shaped by environmental input and lifestyle and that brains can and will continue to develop and express late in life – but we have to work on them now.

That’s why we have created Brain Up!

  • To promote public understanding of brain health.
  • To raise awareness of how important it is to become brain healthy.
  • To inspire people of all ages to engage in and commit to a brain healthy lifestyle.

Current Brain Champions

Who is your Brain Champion?

Nominate yourself or a friend or colleague to be our next Brain Champion. A Brain Health Champion must be active in at least two of the six Brain Health Commandments.

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The right foods will keep your brain running strong.

  • Is Soda Bad for Your Brain? (And Is Diet Soda Worse?)

    Many people are addicted to sugar, especially to regular and artificially-sweetened sodas. How these sweetened drinks affect the brain might just encourage you to replace your sugary beverage with a better go-to option, water.

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Flexing those muscles also strengthens your brain.

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Lowering your stress levels sends brain activity soaring.

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Great brains love great company.

  • Volunteering: Good for the Community and for You

    Whether you make small changes in your neighborhood or launch a campaign to change the world, there are thousands of ways to contribute to society. Volunteering is a do good, feel good activity and it’s no surprise that something that feels so good has proven benefits for brain health.

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A happy brain is a hard-working brain.

  • How to Become a ‘Superager’

    If you want to maintain a nimble brain, use it until it hurts. Sudoko and crossword puzzles are not the path to brain vitality. Instead, concentrate your efforts on activities that push and tire your mental efforts.

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Living a meaningful life keeps your brain engaged and active.

Sign the Brainifesto


Get ready to rev your MENTAL ENGINES, fire up those neurons and learn tips and tricks for keeping your brain strong all life-long. Show the world that you’re serious about being brain healthy. Sign your name to The Brainifesto today, and kick off your commitment to lifelong learning, growth and development.

Download a PDF of the Brainifesto.

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