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Healthy Brain Basics

Want to know what goes on inside that beautiful brain of yours? The short answer is: A LOT. This highly complex organ is made up of several highly specialized parts.  Though each part has a primary function, some parts play several roles, making some functions a product of many parts working together in harmony.  Your memory, for instance, is built by the hippocampus, but organized by the amygdala. The connection, communication and cooperation between these parts are what make your brain such an efficient and amazing thinking machine.


The Brain: Our Food-Traffic Controller

There’s no denying it, we are all victims of junk food’s tantalizing temptation. While we try and stay strong, sometimes we just fall weak to that mouth-watering pizza, that seductive chocolate cake, or that scrumptious burger inviting you for a bite. However, it might not just be our will power that’s falling short. The New York Times article, "The Brain: Our Food-Traffic Controller," explains how our brains trigger our appetites, and how eating certain foods can affect parts of our brains that deal with emotion, reward, pleasure, and memories. Check it out, it’s very interesting and might make you feel a little bit better about that brownie you ate last night!

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