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Watching Television is not Brain-Worthy or Is It?

Watching television is the only leisure activity associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline. Routinely hanging out on the couch engrossed in the latest season of Game of Thrones or binge-watching your favorite sitcom on Netflix is not stimulating intellectual activity. This passive pastime rarely pushes the viewer to think about the next level […]

Aerobics is Brain-Boosting

Did you know physical exercise, primarily aerobics, is the best thing you can do for your brain?  Research shows it promotes brain functioning through a variety of ways, such as increased brain volume, blood supply and growth hormone levels. So don’t delay, start your cardiovascular exercise regiment today. Here’s a range of ideas to get […]

Healthy Heart in 20s Means Healthy Brain in 40s.

Taking steps to improve your heart health early in life can help prevent brain shrinkage as you age, a new Neurology study reports. Researchers discovered people who had better heart health scores also had a higher average brain volume as a percentage of their total head size in middle age.

Give Your Brain a Music Boost: Change Up Your Playlist

Often we listen to the same old music we did when we were youngsters. We can’t help but enjoy the beat and familiarity of those old tunes. However, your brain will reap the benefits if you listen to music to which you are unaccustomed. Listening to new harmonic sounds challenges the brain in ways that […]